PNC Banking Opportunity for Douglas Private Care Employees

I hope all is going well for you professionally and personally. I’m contacting you all to extend a great opportunity for managing your personal finances. The bank by the name of PNC (many of you have probably seen a branch or two around you somewhere) has been working with us to offer all of you the ability to sign up for a PNC Workplace Banking account.

Now, I want to make sure everyone understands, PNC is offering this account under our company, but in no way does this take any money out of your paycheck. Just as all DPCS staff receive a discount on their AT&T Mobile Bills by working for us, you receive more banking benefits as well through PNC.

We will be giving a presentation at the office on a date not yet determined to give you even more details and the ability to sign up. We typically do not send out notices like this, but this is a truly amazing offer, and we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to sign up!


Please read through the document attached. If you have any questions, please contact myself, India, or Carol at the office.


Thank you,

Garrison Douglas III

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