Why Work at DPCS?

At Douglas Private Care Services (DPCS), we do not consider our patients as work but rather as a passionate commitment to their wellness and happiness. Our field is challenging, empowering and most of all fulfilling.

We take pride in the devotion of our team of staff who are united in maintaining the high quality and standard of our services by taking a team approach towards the agency’s growth. Our employees are adept, experienced and are some of the most highly skilled professionals in their respective fields.

Douglas Private Care Services (DPCS) invests and takes care of our employees through professional development, peer-to-peer networking and continuous training. We are a company that promotes diversity and open communication among its staff. We value the input of our people and we use the information to further improve our services.

Why Work at DPCS?
At DPCS, we believe there's more than just paying our staff with their salary. We invest in their professional and personal growth as well. Find out more about the benefits of DPCS. Learn More »

DPCS News & Events

4th quarter 2013
DCH & GA Medicaid Testing for Trading Partners
1st quarter 2014
DCH & GA Medicaid Testing for Providers
October 1
Federally Mandated requirement to be ICD-10 Compliant
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