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Douglas Services Electronic Documentation System-Therapy
Therap is an Online Documentation and Communication Software System for Providers Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities.

Georgia Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities

Georgia Community Support & Solutions

Georgia Medicaid Web Portal
Georgia Medicaid’s Web Portal solution provides communication, data exchange, and self-service tools to the provider and member community. The Portal consists of both public and secure areas (web pages requiring a username and password). The public area contains general information, such as program awareness, notices, and forms, and allows users to respond to surveys. Providers can also apply to be a Georgia Medicaid and Georgia Better Healthcare (GBHC) provider online using the provider enrollment wizard, which includes the ability to track their application through the enrollment process. Once enrolled in Medicaid, providers can access their personal information using their provider number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Georgia Department of Community Health
Created in 1999, the Department of Community Health is the lead planning agency for all health issues in the state such as health care policy, purchasing and regulation. The department is responsible for:

Insuring nearly 2 million people;
Maximizing the state’s health care purchasing power;
Planning coverage for uninsured Georgians;
Coordinating health planning for state agencies.

Georgia Office of Regulatory Services
The Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) is responsible for inspecting, monitoring, licensing, registering, and certifying a variety of child care, health care, and long-term care programs. ORS works to ensure that facilities and programs operate at acceptable levels, as mandated by state statutes and by rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Human Resources. ORS also recommends certification of various health care facilities to receive Medicaid and Medicare funds through contracts with the Health Care Financing Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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