Mission & Company Vision

Mission & Company Vision

Douglas Private Care Services (DPCS) Mission and Vision Statement

DPCS has defined our purpose, philosophy and our agency’s values through our Mission & Vision statement. This is what we use to weigh the success of our organization.

Mission Statement
The mission of Douglas Private Care Services (DPCS) is to make a positive difference in the lives of those with developmental disabilities, primarily through education, training, and support services. (DPCS) wants to assist them in achieving their highest potential, as they develop to become confident and independent individuals.

Vision Statement
We believe that individuals with developmental disabilities can learn and be successful. We believe that our positive Staff are good role models who provide a variety of strategies to ensure our Participants’ success. We believe that every Participant deserves a safe, supportive environment and guidance in order to develop skills. We believe all of our potential Participants, and current Participants, inherently want to do well and we must share the responsibility for helping them reach their potential.

In order to assist our Participants, our program places a high value on the Individualized Service Plan (ISP), the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), and the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST). (DPCS) Case Managers and Direct Support Staff must share the responsibility of working with the Participant’s team.

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