DPCS Consent for Electronic Signature

Applicants who complete an online application will be asked to consent for electronic signature. The consent details are provided here for review:

You have been authorized to complete online forms in connection with your interest in employment. During this process, you will be asked to “”sign”” one or more of the online documents with an electronic signature. Please read the following carefully regarding the electronic signature process. To sign a document electronically, check the I agree box (may also be “”I accept”” or “”I acknowledge””) and type your name. You will also be prompted to either enter the password you used for this site or the last four digits of your social security number. To complete the signature, click the “”Next”” or Submit button appearing at the bottom of the document. NOTE: Your electronic signature will not be applied to the document until you correctly complete all of these steps. If you do not agree to sign the document electronically, close the document without signing and contact the DPCS HR Manager When you have completed a form that requires your electronic signature, you may use your browser to view or print the document before you sign it and/or after you sign it. Instructions will be included at each step that requires an electronic signature. You may contact the DPCS HR Manager for a free copy of the documents you sign. Proper identification will be required before such information is provided. Once the signature process is completed, your electronic signature will be binding as if you had physically signed the document by hand. If at any point you would like to withdraw your consent for your electronic signature, or if you need to update information needed to contact you electronically, please contact the DPCS HR Manager . Any withdrawal of consent will be effective as of the date it is received.

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